Sumburgh Airport

Systems Installed

Contract value: £490,000

Heating System

The heating system to the new phase 2 terminal comprises of a new 40mm connection to the existing heating circuit to form a new VT circuit via a low loss header and pump set which serves new radiators. The new VT circuit will give a desired room temperature of 21deg C. start/stop functions of the plant will be provided via optimiser control with low limit (10 to 12 deg C) for fabric protection during off periods.

Plumbing / Sanitary System

Existing mains cold water, tanked cold water and hot water flow & return have been modified and in some instances removed to allow for new toilet layouts.

Sanitary Ware

The sanitary ware is generally made from vitreous china. Service valves have been installed for ease of maintenance.

Ventilation Systems

The Toilets areas each have their own separate extract system. These are controlled via ceiling mounted PIR’s, with the speed of each fan controlled via a speed controller located at each fan. Fresh air & extract systems operate within the new terminal extension and operate from existing and new air handling units. VRF Air Conditioning systems have been incorporated within the new terminal building supplying conditioned air to areas.

Controls Systems

A local control panel for the VT circuit is located within the ground floor plantroom. The panel incorporates time schedules, heating demand, frost protection and indicates fault status.