Lagan Valley LeisurePlex Refurbishment

Systems Installed

Contract value: £180,000

Heating System

Heating pipework was extended on the Ground Floor to serve a new Plate Heat Exchanger (provided by the Spa Specialist). This pipework has a motorised 3-port valve linked back to the BMS Control panel.

Heating pipework was extended on the First Floor to serve a new Re-Heat Battery serving the supply air to the Female and Male Changing rooms. Again this has a motorised 3-port valve linked back to the BMS Control panel.

A new radiator was installed in the Ground Floor Fire Corridor. Supplies for this where taken from the existing at High Level.

Plumbing / Sanitary System

Hot, Cold, Mains and Hot Water Return is extended from existing supplies to serve the new sanitary ware in the New Changing Rooms, Showers and WCs in the Fitness Suite and Spa area. Separate Mixing valves where installed to each Shower and Wash Hand Basin as requested by the Maintenance staff at the Leisureplex for ease of maintenance.

All this pipework is pressure tested and insulated and was flushed through prior to Handover.

Sanitary Ware

The sanitary ware is generally made from vitreous china. Service valves have been installed for ease of maintenance.

Soils & Wastes

A plastic pipework system has been installed to carry foul and waste water away from the sanitary appliances and sanitary ware items.

Ventilation Systems

A New Ventilation Extract System is provided to the Male Changing Area. A fan is installed above the spin studio that terminates through an existing roof cowl. This ductwork then drops to the male changing area to serve grilles.

Supply ductwork to the Male & Female Changing is connected to existing in the corridor. This splits to serve the 2No. Rooms. Extract to these areas is also from existing ductwork which has been modified to suit the revised layouts.

New Heat Recovery Ventilation has been installed to serve the Offices, DOJO and Spin Studio. The units are mounted in the ventilation plantroom with ductwork at high level to serve grilles in these areas. These units work in conjunction with the AC units so when the Air Conditioning units in the rooms are turned on the heat recovery units are activated.

Air Conditioning Systems

New Air Conditioning Units are provided to the Fitness Suite, Offices, Spin Studio and DOJO. Pipework is located generally above ceiling voids which then run to the outdoor units serving each area.