Belfast High School Sports facility

Systems Installed

Contract value: £355,000

Heating System

The heating system comprises of 3No new natural gas-fired boilers, located in the plantroom. The heating system has two circuits from it, one of which feeds the underfloor heating system, AHU & supply fan LTHW coils and three nr radiators. The other circuit feeds a Solar heating buffer vessel that pasteurises the hot water before it goes to the gas fired water heater. Solar PV panels are fitted on the roof with a flow and return connecting to the solar buffer vessel.

A new gas fired water heater supplies hot water to showers and sinks throughout the building.

Plumbing / Sanitary System

Boosted cold water is supplied to the showers, sinks & WC areas throughout the building. Hot water to the showers & sinks is achieved by the gas fired water heaters located in the plantroom. Mixing valves are fitted to each wash hand basin.

All this pipework was flushed through prior to Handover.

Sanitary Ware

The sanitary ware is generally made from vitreous china. Service valves have been installed for ease of maintenance.

Ventilation Systems

The Toilets in areas each have their own separate extract and fresh air system. These are controlled via ceiling mounted PIR's, with the speed of each fan controlled via a speed controller located at each fan.

BMS Systems

A BMS system is installed by specialist controls company MCA. This system controls all the plant items, underfloor heating, ventilation, room temperature & humidity.